Founder | Captain

started BLVisuals® (BlackLightVisuals®) experimentally as a Fine Arts major and graduate from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Brad's interest in the Ultra Violet world was inspired by the psychedelic posters he grew up screen printing with his Father. He began to experiment with the possibilities of Fluorescent pigments in his spare time while creating a Black Light Stop Motion Short Film. Upon experimenting, he figured out a way to utilize the marbling process in a way that allowed him to paint on both clothing and on skin in a safe manner. However, after Graduating, Brad focused more on his drawing career, and his Ultra Violet art remained a side project while he labored away on 12 massive commissioned charcoal drawings

The tables turned again when just months after his graduation from CCS, Brad began experiencing pain in his forearms, and was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis in his wrist. After months of being frustrated by his inability to draw with the condition, he began to take more interest in his hydrodying methods as a form of Art Therapy, and thus, Body Marbling® was born.